Learn – Yambo


To make the most out of Yambo, try to follow these guidelines: 

  1. Read the theory, lectures, and code documentation
  2. Learn how to use the code correctly and efficiently through our tutorials and online forum
  3. Run the code for your own system of interest
  4. Publish your results, cite us, and start again!

The following sections provide a list of specific resources that will help you on your way.
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Before starting to use the code, you should study the fundamental physics and methodology behind Yambo. On the Yambo Educational Wiki you will find pages about the theory, lectures by the Yambo team, and other resources.

Get familiar with the multitude of configure options and external libraries in order to get the most out of Yambo.

Learn how to use the code efficiently and effectively with our hands-on tutorials

Still having problems? Check out the Yambo Forum for discussions about all aspects of the code.