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master develop bug-fixes 4.4 4.3 4.2 4.1 4.0 3.4 devel-sc 4.4_gpl devel-long-options-merge-ready devel-BSE-finite-q devel-long-options devel-cuda devel-rt-vel-and-magn devel-gau-pbe devel-dipoles devel-exciton-ypp-spin devel-rt-rotate devel-double-grid devel-bz-samp-indexes devel-rt devel-omp devel-cutoff_4.3 devel-cutoff devel-nl devel-tddft devel-io devel-bse-io devel-rt-obs-and-ypp devel-ypp devel-hxc-fft-size devel-haydock-restart devel-par-io devel-slepc master_gpl devel-current-approach devel-ypp-rt devel-rt-observables images

The Wikipedia Page of Yambo

Fortran cafe The Fortran Cafe'

Bethe-Salpeter wine The Bethe-Salpeter-Equation (BSE) wine

A street entitled to Yambo in Rome
A bar entitled to Yambo in Rome
A bar entitled to Yambo in Rome Yambo road, bar & restaurant

List of test-suite results for branch devel-omp on machine attacc-pc